Monday, 30 November 2009

Its A Bright New Day!

Let me tell you one thing first. I have lost Nanowrimo 2009. And I am okay with that, really, I am. Yes I'm only 6+k away, but I am not a sprint writer, never have been, and I'll be damned to Hell without ice-cream if I'm going to start now. So the lesson for next year is this. Start writing lots early! Nevermind if you're spending the first weekend of Nano with your boyfriend, nevermind that the second weekend you are cavorting in the countryside with friends you haven't seen in months! Write dammit! Run the marathon!!

Anyhoo, greetings! This is the first post of what I hope will become a blog of some import *strokes ego*, featuring stories cooked up from my own brain, and anything else perhaps that takes my fancy.

I'll be starting the story side of things with a steampunk tale I first started working on for Nano08, which I have in mind to turn into a serial of stories. I envision something like a TV series on paper, where each "episode" will be put up here chapter by chaper and be grouped together in "seasons". I haven't quite finished fiddling with the format, so it is subject to change from what I've just said. Eventually it would be nice to get the whole thing published through createspace or some such, and have each episode as a novella of about 20 thousand words or so.

Its a grand idea, I just hope I can see it through. I'll be starting on the steampunk story tomorrow and hope to have the first chapter of the first book of the first series up sometime next week, possibly Sunday, although you can't hold me to that.