Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tis All Good In The World Of Nemmie

Finally I can sit back and say that I've done a good job, I've written an amount I feel proud of, whose quality is...shall we say 'can be worked with'? Good. If I hadn't treated myself to some cake earlier, I would do so now (I might sitll do actually because the cake in question was a Tesco's brownie that mostly ended up on the pavement for the birds. And even the bloody birds didn't want it!).

By the end of tonight, I hope to have the second draft for the introduction of the first story done, and it will wing its way by email to a hermitate of word worshippers for their approval. By which I mean the Bear. :-)

(I'm not sure hermitate is an actual word, but if Shakespeare got away with making up words, I don't see why I can't. Gishoggle! Fashoooney! Bumboom! And so forth...)

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