Sunday, 13 December 2009

Wednesday Will Be The Day/Rambling

As I still haven't written anything I feel I want to post for you lovely people.

Writers block is a horrid thing. For me my mind goes blank whenever I try to get it to crank out an idea, and I usually give myself a stress headache that starts around my eyes (or it might be the glasses, I'm sure I need a new pair). But when you find yourself in that creative void, its a truly crushing feeling that takes a lot to alleviate (and often sends me straight for the pain-killers and a darkened room). Many writers say that they get over their writer's blocks by going out for a stroll, reading books in cafes, listening to music, concentrating on all sorts of other activities apart from writing, so that when they come back to the page they feel refreshed, inspired.

But what do they do if the void is still there? The seed idea is too good to give up, but no spark brightens the blackness, no star to light the way. What then?

Why, procrastination of course. Also good for when you are too much of a perfectionist and fear ruining your story by setting it out in concrete form.

Procrastination and perfectionism. My two personal Hell Hounds, although, something tells me that they are also after you.


  1. Poor Nemmie! If I had any useful suggestions, I would share them. Cake is probably a good idea, though.

  2. I always have room for cake :-)