Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Why You Should Never Let Your Boyfriend Pick The Scary Movie, or, Clarifying The Nightmare

Me and my man were at the cinema on Saturday, he having convinced me to watch Paranormal Activity, in which a woman is haunted by a supernatural being that, among other things, stands by her bed and whispers her name.

Later that night, I woke up in the dark hotel room to a voice that sounded like a satanic version of my little sister, currently in Lowestoft, WHISPERING MY FRICKIN NAME!!

Turns out it was the Bear breathing. *sigh*

So not content with freaking me out at the cinema, he then proceeds to scare me completely when I'm trying to sleep!! I am still not certain if I've quite forgiven him...though if he continues to give me pretty things I certainly won't find it difficult. :-)


  1. Holy Jeebus, have you learned the wrong lesson. You've got yourself a man-toy that whispers your name in his sleep. This is cause for celebration, even if it might later turn out he is simply a meat-shell for a demonic entity.

  2. But you sound like my sister! My little eleven year old sister! Satanised! Did you not read the post my dear?! :D