Saturday, 30 January 2010

Down With The Sickness

Due to being infected with a plague of some kind, writing the first chapter of Huntress has slowed down to a minimum sadly. Also inspiration has proven to be elusive.

My apologies, and I shall endeavor to complete it and post it as soon as.

Friday, 22 January 2010

What The Frakkity Frak?!

WARNING! Here be spoilers.

Twas only last night that I finished watching the final season of Battlestar Galactica, and it left me in a quandry. On the one hand I was satisfied with the ending, on the other, very annoyed that an obvious conclusion had not been concretely proven.





Conclusion. The 7th Cylon model, Daniel, is Kara's father, which would make her the first human/Cylon hybrid, instead of Hera. This would explain her knowledge of the musical switch that turned on Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Tori, and could go some way towards understanding of her resurrection.

As we found out, Hera was able to project, a Cylon trait that allowed her to fully experience any place she could imagine. It could follow that her Cylon heritage allows her to be capable of much more, such as resurrection, if the technology and clones were available to her. This brings me to the conclusion that, if Kara is indeed half Cyclon, her resurrection is due to her consiousness being downloaded into a new cloned body. How this occured though, seemed to be a little too difficult to explain.

So no, she is not a hybrid. Apparently she is an "angel", destined to disappear into the ether on completion of her destiny. This to me, is an unsatisfactory ending for Kara Thrace, a woman who has been through so much conflict in the course of the series, that to give her anything but a conclusive ending is a disservice to her character.

BSG is a show about conflict. Man versus machine, faith versus doubt, belief versus zealotry, but it is also a parable. From Kobol, to Earth and the Colonies, and to the new Earth, it showed us a species incapable of restraint with regards to new ideas, new technologies, and the harm we could visit upon ourselves. A cycle, seemingly neverending, unless we choose to end it ourselves. But even then, it is not wholly of our own choosing, for apparently there is a higher power at work, guiding us towards that point through vision and song.

Which, for a show about belief in a higher power, in destiny, made sense, in as far as it pertained to everyone except Kara Thrace and her frakking resurrection. With the song, it made sense that it turned out to be the coordinates to new Earth, that was divine intervention on a believable scale.

There is the fact that the wildly absurd in television can be more readily believed than the merely absurd, but that does not change the point that though the Caprica Six and Baltar "angels" were only seen by Caprica Six and Baltar, Kara as an "angel" was seen by everyone, could touch, could be heard, could lead an assault team on the Cylon Colony and say goodbye to Anders and Apollo.

Conclusion. She is not an angel, but a resurrected human/Cylon hybrid. As such, perhaps she just ran away from Apollo really really fast.

Other than that quibble, I enjoyed most of the ending and the final season.

Sooo glad Tori got what was coming to her.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Silent In Absence

Well I had gone up to Durham on the Wednesday, which left little time to communicate my vitriol over the power cut, and didst return yesterday with a suitcase of new towels and dirty clothes.

By 'eck it were cold! Everywhere I looked there was ice and snow, and more ice, and more snow, piled high into tiny little white mountains that would've been nice to observe had I not been freezing my arse off!! And as the Bear was picking me up, what did I go and do? I slipped, went right over face first into the ice. I took one step! One step and over I go, so now I have a nice bruise and swelling on one knee, and just bruises on the other. But the Bear cheered me up by taking me out to a pub and feeding me, so that was alright.

I also got to see him get doctored up in Durham cathedra!. Bit of a boring ceremony, but my honey looked lovely in his red and lilac robe and funny hat :D. And of course the following day was his birthday, so we all went out for drinks and chinese food and I got to meet more of his lovely friends.

And to everyone that reads, tell him this. He is in the prime of his life! He is not an old man by a long shot! So ditch the pipe and slippers and come party with the rest of us! As affectionately as possible of course. :D

Cast Back In Time

Last week we were unfortunate enough to experience a power cut, as the sub power station had gone for a Burton. For two whole days.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, for 48 hours we were without electricity, heat, or hot water. We gathered round candles in the evening and heated water for our ablutions on the gas stove. We fretted over the food in the freezer thawing out and raged that our beloved televisual programs could not be seen or recorded. And we huddled under piles of blankets at night as we struggled to keep warm in a house chilled to freezing by the absence of warmth.

Alright I exaggerate. It was only mildly chilly.

But during this time I began to feel a kinship with those people in times past who would've laughed at electricity in a home as a fancy, and the family would do as we did, gather round the candles to read or sew.

I did both. I had just started reading Pride and Prejudice, so barrelled through that as much as I could, and worked on my mum's embroidered aida bookmark, which ironically, depicts a Victorian garden. Its given me quite a renewed taste for needlework I must say, and I've almost completed it. Just need to attach the felt backing to the aida band, and will post a picture when its done.

But did this make me want to renounce electricity for ever? Gods no. I was cold, I was grumpy, I was cut off from the world, and most of all, I was BORED! Gods alone know what people did in winter to amuse themselves back then. I just went to bed having exhausted all available options.

I suppose I could've practised playing my guitar, but thats besides the point.

Power, I love you, let us never quarrel again, you fickle bastard.

And why it took the power company two whole days to fix it is beyond me...

Friday, 8 January 2010

Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

Inkubus Sukkubus are fucking amazing. I haven't been this excited about a band since Abney Park and Nightwish before them.

I bought Wytches some time ago and didn't get the chance to listen to it until yesterday, and right from the first listen I was hooked. I was recommended by a friend, one Mr Christopher Brosnahan of GeekplanetOnline, but you just can't communicate how amazing I.S are, you have to listen and be left dumbstruck.

They are an alternative band focusing mainly on paganism and witchcraft as subject matter, with an astounding female lead vocalist and lyricist. Listening to the song Wytches, I feel as if I am with sisters out under a moonbright sky, celebrating our mother goddess with song and dance in wild fields and meadows. It is completely intoxicating music.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Language Of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Whedon

While working on the first chapter 1st draft, I was suddenly struck by the thought that I hadn't put enough effort into the dialogue language in the intro as I should have done. Nonsense! I counter-thought, as reading it back over I realised that the dialogue is acceptable. But thats sent me into a nervous tizzy nonetheless.

I find myself thinking of the dialogue in Firefly, the many witticisms and turns of phrase that made that series almost unique. The dedication, not only to the style, the plot, the characterisation, but the dialogue as well.

And I wonder what devils Whedon promised his firstborn to, and if he could introduce us. Perhaps its this Minear bloke he always hangs out for thought people.

Other then that screwing my brain over, I am well, surrounded by a sea of white and finding that the sky lights in my room have been frozen shut.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

From George Harrison To Dead Or Alive

I've been digging up those songs which I remember so well from my youth, the ditties that played over the car stereo while mother drove me and my brother to school, some which I have not heard in years, and was quite surprised to learn who actually sang them, being an ill-educated whelp and without a map to guide me through the land of music.

For instance, I had no idea that George Harrison of the Beatles fame had written While My Guitar Gently Weeps or Dream Away (thanks goes to the Bear for that last), and now I also know that he wrote Got My Mind Set On You. I must really get this man's cds.

And Dead Or Alive's You Spin Me Round is fantastic. Give it a look and marvel at the hair. The Hair!!

All good stuff to put on one's ipod or musical thingymajig, if one can get itunes to work that is. I had to install/unistall several bloody times only to find that my lovely new laptop won't recognise my Aether Shanties cd. I am very displeased.

But Dream Away will cheer me up. All together now!!! Oh ry in eye ay, oh ry in eye ay, oh ry in eye key ooh lay, ka lay ooh lau ee, oh ry in eye, salu tay lee ay vee show! :D

Sunday, 3 January 2010



I had a fun New Years time, the Bear introduced me to his parents and yet more friends, and I managed not to embaress myself too much (there was an incident with a spoon and a glob of crab soup, but that shall never be mentioned again).

I hope everyone else had a great time and drank too much. I didn't. I feel cheated. :-(