Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Language Of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Whedon

While working on the first chapter 1st draft, I was suddenly struck by the thought that I hadn't put enough effort into the dialogue language in the intro as I should have done. Nonsense! I counter-thought, as reading it back over I realised that the dialogue is acceptable. But thats sent me into a nervous tizzy nonetheless.

I find myself thinking of the dialogue in Firefly, the many witticisms and turns of phrase that made that series almost unique. The dedication, not only to the style, the plot, the characterisation, but the dialogue as well.

And I wonder what devils Whedon promised his firstborn to, and if he could introduce us. Perhaps its this Minear bloke he always hangs out for thought people.

Other then that screwing my brain over, I am well, surrounded by a sea of white and finding that the sky lights in my room have been frozen shut.


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