Monday, 18 January 2010

Silent In Absence

Well I had gone up to Durham on the Wednesday, which left little time to communicate my vitriol over the power cut, and didst return yesterday with a suitcase of new towels and dirty clothes.

By 'eck it were cold! Everywhere I looked there was ice and snow, and more ice, and more snow, piled high into tiny little white mountains that would've been nice to observe had I not been freezing my arse off!! And as the Bear was picking me up, what did I go and do? I slipped, went right over face first into the ice. I took one step! One step and over I go, so now I have a nice bruise and swelling on one knee, and just bruises on the other. But the Bear cheered me up by taking me out to a pub and feeding me, so that was alright.

I also got to see him get doctored up in Durham cathedra!. Bit of a boring ceremony, but my honey looked lovely in his red and lilac robe and funny hat :D. And of course the following day was his birthday, so we all went out for drinks and chinese food and I got to meet more of his lovely friends.

And to everyone that reads, tell him this. He is in the prime of his life! He is not an old man by a long shot! So ditch the pipe and slippers and come party with the rest of us! As affectionately as possible of course. :D

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