Monday, 26 April 2010

Scaly Babies

I've been on rather a bender recently with dragons, specifically their scaly little babies as I am creating more designs for my Zazzle store.

I always find myself getting into a silent rage whenever I draw, mostly because, as a damned perfectionist, I have to GET IT RIGHT. First time.


Of course I know that this is not how professionals do it, they draw a rough draft and build it up from there. But unfortunately thats not how my mind works, damn the thing.

But anyway, I have drawn my first baby dragon, and will go rummage for the link.

Not brilliant, but servicable I suppose, though I might trace another and see if thats better without the big black line around it.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Here Be Dragons!

I went to see How To Train Your Dragon today with the female sibling and mother's third sister, eager to immerse myself in dragons, my favourite addiction, my totem animal if you will.

I was not disappointed. Twas a lovely filum, and the dragons were great, especially the main dragon Toothless, a Night Fury, who reminded me so much of our crazy kitten Arkady, perching on his haunches, skipping round and round chasing his tail, trying to climb things he shouldn't.

I absolutely recommend this film, especially for dragon lovers such as myself. :)

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Filth That Came Through The Letterbox

Dear UK Independance Party,

As to your request, I can joyously inform you that I shall not be displaying your leaflet in my window, but rather have torn it to purple and yellow confetti, which I must say is a rather vulgar colour combination, and only serves to make me hate you more.

Your confettied leaflet will now serve to bolster the dwindling kitty litter, serving its true purpose, that of soaking up cat urine, and possibly diarrhea if the old one gets into the vegetable tray.

Yours, laughinghly,
Liberal Bigot-butt Kicker.

And now I must bleach my hands until they are bony white. You shits.

In Which I Demand A Tonsillectomy

So I caught pharyngitus and could not devote as much time to Gallow's Play as I wanted, being almost unconsicious with plague.

Having started out as a sore throat, due to a wondeful game called Talisman in which you must scream "DEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTHHHHHHH!", when ole Grim is due to be moved, it degenerated, bacteria swarming into being like little devils intent on turning my tonsils into palatial condos with expansive decking without the necessary planning permission.

I was not amused.

But then I got drugs from the nice chemist, and consumed them readily by god, although the horrible doctor told me not to unless I was bed-ridden.

Fucking bed-ridden????? Not fucking likely mate.

I want to say I'll have Gallow's Play up by the end of April, but lets see how that goes before I commit, shall we?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

In Which I Marvel At Getting Stuff Done

Thank the goddess its the holidays.

Which means that I have been hard at work on my projects, writing, drawing, etcetera. Its been rather envigorating :)

I have of course been working hard on the next part of Gallow's Play. It has been months since I posted the introduction, due in great part to life getting in the way, and having to recover from that is, as some of you know, not an easy task. But I am raring to get the next part out and expand the adventure, and I must say its looking pretty good so far :)

So here's hoping I don't have a meltdown beforehand!