Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Maudlin Me

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to make a living out of art, whether painting, drawing or writing. Its always been my dream to be my own boss, work to my own hours creating art and living off the monetary rewards reaped.

Not everyone can do this mind you. Some lack talent, or dedication or belief, and others while talented, dedicated and full of faith find it impossible to sell their work, for whatever reason.

It is crushing when, after you've worked so hard to produce a beautiful piece, no one seems to want to buy it. You lose faith, dedication, and worst of all talent if it is left to decay.

Perseverance I suppose is key to this, working through all the doubts and defeats in the hope that you will succeed, even though reality right now seems to point to the contrary. Its a very hard thing to do, as has been proved to me time and time again, but somehow I keep finding the strength to continue when all I see is failure.

I'm a stubborn dreamer I suppose, wanting to prove that I can do what I set my mind and talents to. Focusing on the good, on the positive opinions given by friends and loved ones, I can ignore the negativities swirling around my mind, and continue to forge onward.

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