Thursday, 8 July 2010

Why Zazzle Sucks

For the second time a t-shirt I have ordered has come out crappy, though this time, ho ho ho, I had to wash it to find out just how crap it is.

The colours ran. Not on the material itself you understand, but on the DESIGN! It was one of my blue skulls, a lovely bright design. When it came out of the packaging, yeah it was alright, albeit there was white edging under the teeth and the top of the outline had been cut off, but it was nice and bright with no white striations as what happened last time.

But now, there are white blobs peeping through the blue where the top layer of ink has come off, revealing the white underlayer.

DO THESE PEOPLE NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE T-SHIRTS???? It seems to be pretty simple, as the corner shop on Turnpike Lane would have me believe, which sells t-shirts of Bob Marley and Tu-Pac so rich in detail and void of fault that I am reduced to weeping when I see the CRAP that comes through my door!

And not only would I not wear such poor representations of my designs, I would be mortified to suggest that other people actually BUY them! My heart goes out to my aunty, who I convinced to put one of her gorgeous pictures on a Zazzle bag for another aunty, and who then found out that, although second aunty thought it okay, it was faded to such a degree that mollified her and turned her to getting bags printed by another source.

Good on her I say! And Tesco's printers are so much better. I think I shall take my custom to them and sell the bags on Etsy. I've already looked into badge making machines as well...

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