Sunday, 25 July 2010

Flirt, A Book Review

This Laurall K Hamilton book was given, nay, forced on me by my good friend Graeme Flory, who implored me to take it, take and read/burn it. Poor man had to tell his contacts not to send him anymore of her drivel.

Well, I read it, in less than three hours all told. And I did not think much of it.

Firstly, this is just one in a series of books about Anita Blake, a vampire hunter and necromancer infected with several strains of lycanthropy, who has managed to collect men like some people collect graphic novels, or figurines, or insects, or or......shrunken heads? Do people still do that? I guess thats beside the point.

She has a vampire master for a boyfriend, a wereleopard for a mate, another as secondary mate, and a werewolf for a lover. Oh and in this book she enslaves a werelion. If they had kids, I'd love to hear the therapist's review.

In Flirt, the main plot is driven by a client who asks Anita to raise their dead spouse. She refuses, as said spouse would return as a zombie, and rot, so not something to keep or screw with. So this client pays a pride of werelions to kidnap her and force her to raise their dead spouse.

But the main plotline does not rear its simplistic head until about halfway through the book. Til then its sexual angst and bad, bad prose.

Huge-ass staircase? Really?

Lipsticked lips anyone?

The dialogue is worse, half of it is unintelligable and such a tangled mess that it is torture to make order of.

But the fatal mistake that Laurall K Hamilton has made is that she has put her heroine up on a pedestal for the other characters to revolve in awe around. In real-life that just does not happen, and in fiction it makes for terribly boring reading.

Apparently her earlier books about Anita Blake are better, but as this is the only book I have read, I'll have to say that its your caution you are throwing to the wind if you dare, not mine. :)

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