Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday Arts And Crafts: The Silver Slippers

I went questing for a pair of shoes that would go with the blue dress I intend to wear for the Doctor Who Proms. I knew what I wanted, something in silver, or the right shade of blue, not too expensive, and not hideous. A tall order I know.

So it was with luck that I found these!

Though alas I did not like the rainbow sequins which can't really be seen as they are so tiny. So I thought to myself, "Hey! I have some silver sequins at home, I can take these ones off and sew those ones on!"

Firstly, off came the rainbow sequins, and this is the damage done.

Then I had to sew the silver sequins on, which enabled me to stab myself in the finger as I tried to angle the needle and sew through incredibly needle resistant material.

But here is the finished result :)

Prettier I believe, though each to their own. :)

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