Monday, 5 July 2010

The Thames Expedition!

Well Saturday was a hoot :D

Me and my man-god walked from St Paul's to Greenwich Observatory by way of a perusal round the Tate Modern, and by the end of it we were fit to die noble deaths. Though thankfully some cider at a nice nearby pub revived us enough to get the train home.

From St Paul's we strode across the Millenium Bridge (formally the Wobbley Bridge), to the Tate Modern, and spent around forty minutes snorting in derision at some splodges of paint on canvas that clearly any child of two could do (I got a dirty look from a lady patron for laughing out loud at something my man-god said and relished it. RELISHED IT!!!)

From the Tate Modern we took the Thames path by the Globe, where we stopped to have a nosey, then carried on through little alleys and past the Golden Hinde. We were both thrilled to see they do sleepovers :)

Lunch was had in a lovely restaurant by the Hays Galleria, and we saw gosslings, three in a row between mummy and daddy.

After we'd left central London we had to walk through some very dodgy areas, notably one in which several poor sods and their dog had been frozen in time, forced to read the same paper over and over again. We were lucky to get out of there alive!

It was also protected by Vorlons....

I kept saying to the Llama God that I swore I could see the Royal Naval College, until we got to it and found that it was just the facade of a half-demolished building, and so walked further than we thought to get to teh actual College, right by the poor old Cutty Sark, and agreed that we should like to discover more of Greenwich, just not on that day.

Then forcing ourselves up the hill to the Observatory, we observed the Meridian Line, the vista of London, and a mean man in a stall who would not sell me Coke because he was closed, though his shutters were up and no signage was to be seen that told of his closedness. Grumble.

Then we went to the pub, of course, because what else would one do when one has walked 7 miles? And can you believe that the first pub we tried did not have cider on tap? Unheard of in polite society! My man-god was indeed upset at this, so although I had settled in, I agreed that we should look further for a decent place wot sold cider on tap (because he don't like the pear stuff :) ).

And so we ended our lovely tiring day with some strawberry and lime cider, and a train ride home to the sofa-bed. :)

The End :)


  1. He doesn't like the pear stuff? This is an OUTRAGE!

  2. What can I say, he is indeed weird :).