Monday, 16 August 2010


My lords in Valhalla, new British music is dire indeed.

I have just witnessed a re-run of the Kerrang Awards, and the Best British Newcomer award went to Rise To Remain. Who the fuck is Rise To Remain? And why are these sorely unoriginal 12-year-olds getting a fucking award for their screamo drivel? Not that any of the other nominees were stand out bands, hell's fire they were mostly adolescent pop-punk clones with more interest in sex and beer than musicianship and crafting their lyrics.

Where are today's Iron Maidens? In what dark and misty corner of this land dwell the Black Sabbaths of today? Why haven't the furious new sons and daughters of the Sex Pistols risen up in an anarchic tide and swept clean the once gloriously alternative rock music of these British Isles?

More to the point, where are the WOMEN in rock? Oh, I see, they are parading themselves in videos for the gratification of male rockstars.

The Goddess preserve us.

Fair and gentle reader, if you are like me an avid rock metal and punk fan, I hope you share my sorrow for what has been done to our scene (and secretly desire to take a pair of wicked scissors to every floppy emo fringe). I suppose the only joy we can take from all of this is that these miscreants will thankfully fade into the mists of time, taking their horribly un-rockin' songs with them to make toilet paper for the Devil and his infernal minions.



  1. Avoid Kerrap! and Metal Hanger and get yourself to your local newspaper and magazine emporia and get a copy of Terrorizer. You'll find what you're looking for in there.

  2. Used to buy Kerrang for years, twas the fact that I didn't know any of the bands anymore that made me stop eventually.

    This Terrorizer intrigues me dear brother :)