Wednesday, 4 August 2010

In Which I Demand To Be Split In Twain

Fair and gentle reader, it is with my utmost apologies that I must inform you that Gallow's Play, Huntress Chapter 2, will not be posted tonight. This is due to an imminent birthday, for which I have been preparing a present, a painting, and which has taken up all my brain room since last week.

So this has meant that, although I had been trying to write GPHC2 while making the painting, it just was not working. Something had to be pushed back, something that was not time dependant. And so GPHC2 was pushed back in favour of the painting, which is for my dear Mama as it is her *quiet voice* fiftieth birthday *end quiet voice*.

Though do not fret fair and gentle reader, GPHC2 will be posted next Wednesday, as Mama's birthday is this Saturday. Yes the painting was VERY time dependant, but I am satisfied with the rate of progression, if not with the painting itself (thats me seeking perfectionism when it runs screaming from my clutching grasp).

This Friday for an Art's And Craft's post, I shall hopefully be putting up some of the pictures of the painting, so you lovely lot can see what all the fuss has been about. :)

Til neverwhen my darling bunnies!

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