Monday, 27 September 2010

In The Works...

I've been playing an idea round my head, that I've had for an age now, and used for last year's Nanowrimo, and it feels like now is the time to start getting some serious work done with it.  It will be a novel entitled Reaper.

Quite excited about it actually, just been doing some research on the meaning behind the name Jesus, going back to the Hebrew version and the root words so I can develop a feminine equivalent with a feminine meaning.  Jesus is a modern version of Yahshua (according to sources), meaning "Yahweh is salvation" (again according to sources).  Replace Yahweh with Sarah, ie Lord with Lady, and you have Sarshua "Sarah is salvation" (I think).  Might shorten that to Sarsha or Sasha, twill depend on which I think fits the most.

I do have a timeframe in mind, I was thinking perhaps getting a first draft done in time for January.  Fear not fair and gentle reader, I will also be keeping up with Gallow's Play and the many other projects I have on the go :)

And now to bed.

Not all the bugs have been worked out of the new composing thing mind....

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