Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Llammie Nema, The Dark Folk Duo Extraordinaire!

This is awesome.

This is a photo of my love and I at Portchester Castle, taken on Saturday, which our good friend and brother Matt Dray has fiddled with and turned into the front cover of our first CD, which I didn't even know we had recorded :D

And this is the back, as you can see, some VERY exciting songs on this'un.  Expect the first single 'Sweets For My Sweet (Absinthe For My Honey)', in the new year :).  Currently I think we are recording a follow-up album, 'Songs of Sugar and Wrong, Vol 2 (Tales From The Farmhouse Dungeon)', which will be ready for release sometime next summer :)

Aren't you excited??

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  1. I am both terrified and intrigued to hear this CD!