Friday, 22 October 2010

What Am I Doing Again?

Well fair and gentle reader, things have been a bit retarded of late haven't they.  The death of my grandfather meant that I was in no proper mental state to consider working on the next chapter of Gallow's Play, but I hope that you'll be delighted to hear that I am feeling much better, and shall be continuing the adventures of Artemis Gallow and her tiger friend Saber presently.  We'll set a preliminary date for Wednesday the 3rd of November shall we?

I'm working on a couple of short stories at the moment which I think are quite the bee's knees, and hope to publish one here, and the other over on if they like it :)

Work on Reaper is going slowly but surely, I'm having a lot of great ideas, and might even be close to publishing a synopsis if you are lucky fair and gentle reader.

And I am also working on a secret sewing project for Halloween, and there shall be pictures after the fact ;)

And I think that's all for the moment, so enjoy your weekend and feel free to bask in my radiance :)