Friday, 22 October 2010

Yet Another Television Phenomenomenom

Jeebus Marvin and Yoshi combined!  Why do shows insist on playing around with their format?  Jumping backwards and forwards in time, jumping between sub-plots and making my head hurt?!  'The Event' I am looking at you, the latest in "mysterious sci-fi dramas".

There is no need for all this palava, trying to make yourself seem cool just because you overuse flashbacks to a criminal degree and drip feed us mystery after enigma after headache.

Now, we've been through all this with the X-Files, Lost, and Flashforward.  Two of these shows had a great build-up, but absolutely crashed when it came to actually bringing everything together (I'm relying on my boyfriend's opinion for Lost as I am stuck on Season 3), and the other only had the one series. 

Now what does this tell us?  That people like you and me are sick of so called "clever shows", that promise a story, and more importantly an ending, they fail to deliver?  That an EXPLANATION would be nice once in a while?  Now call me old fashioned, but I usually take my stories with a well thought out consistent CONCLUSION!  And not a wibbley wobbley mess of spaghetti letters, which I am sure, is the medium used by the colony of ants these writers have termed their "inspiration".  Now I am sure the endings of X-Files and Lost made perfect sense to their little ant brains, but not to me! (or my boyfriend).

Now for all my ranting fair and gentle reader, I will probably watch the subsequent episodes of The Event.  My excuse for this is that I probably have a streak of masochism when it comes to these things.  Ah well.  It'll probably get cancelled after one season anyway.

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