Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jenny At Four

Jenny was four years old, and she could not reach the light switch.  But Daddy said she should not play with the light switches anyway.
    Jenny could not sleep.  She was thirsty, she wanted a cuddle, she wanted a biscuit.
    Jenny was standing in her room with her door open.  She had not gone into the hallway, so she had not been bad.
    The hallway was dark, very dark.
    The front room door was closed, but Jenny could see light around it.
    The hallway was dark, but Jenny was thirsty, she wanted a cuddle, she wanted a biscuit.
    Jenny stepped into the hallway, away from her room and her night light that had pretty stars.
    The hallway carpet was scratchy, and the floor was creaky.
    Jenny held onto the cold banister and did not look down into the dark stairwell. 
    There were three steps and Jenny was very careful as she went down.  Mummy had said to be careful on the stairs and stop running up and down them like a mad thing.
    Jenny was at the bottom of the stairs, on the very creaky bit.  This was the landing and it had the toilet and the bathroom.  And the big mirror that Mummy would use to look at herself in, when she and Daddy were going out.  Nanny would put Jenny to bed instead.  Jenny liked it when Nanny put her to bed.  She told her lots of stories and sung her songs.
    Jenny did not like the mirror, especially when it was dark.  Jenny liked her little mirror with the blue flowers.  And Mummy’s little pocket mirror.  But she did not like the big mirror, and especially did not like it when it was dark.
    In the dark there was a little girl in the big mirror that looked like Jenny, but she was sure it was not her.
    Mummy had said don’t be silly, of course its you.  But Jenny knew she did not have red glowing eyes.
    The little girl in the big dark mirror had red glowing eyes.  Jenny could see them in the dark.  And the little girl had four very long teeth like the needle Mummy used to do her French knitting.  And her fingers looked like Mummy’s knitting needles but with bumps on them, and she only had three on each hand.
    Jenny was scared of this little girl in the big dark mirror.  She whispered mean things to Jenny.  She told her she would hurt her Mummy and Daddy with her bumpy knitting needle fingers, and her sharp curvy needle teeth.
    Jenny did not listen, and crossed the landing to the front room door.
    The little girl in the mirror said very bad things.  Things that the people in grown-up movies said.  Things bad people on the street said when it was late at night.
    The little girl in the mirror told Jenny not to bad word ignore her.  She would bad word her and bad word her Mummy and Daddy.
    Jenny did not listen.  Mummy said that if people can’t be nice to you then walk away and ignore them.
    Jenny felt a pain on her back like a very bad scratch.  It felt like when Nanny’s cat Kissy scratches her if she plays too rough with her.
    Jenny burst into tears, and cried out for her Mummy.  She came out into the hallway and put the light on.
    Mummy said to Jenny what a silly girl, what’s the matter?
    Jenny said that the girl in the big dark mirror had hurt her.
    Mummy checked Jenny’s back.
    Then Mummy screamed and screamed for Daddy who came rushing out.  Mummy showed him Jenny’s back.
    Jenny’s nightie was all wet and red and torn, and there were three deep cuts in her back.
    I told her not to bad word ignore me.

Copyright © 2010 LKG Frendo, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Call me odd/strange/wackadoodle dandy if you will fair and gentle reader, but I am always stumped when someone buys something from my Zazzle store.

It all started when people started buying this little number.

I logged on one day and five people had bought a version.  "What the fuck?!" I cried, confused though grateful for the small amount of pennies that would come my way.

Then today, someone bought this.

It just keeps goin' on don't it!  People keep buying my stuff and I am utterly mystified as to why. 

I'm not complaining mind you...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Misfits Season Two Hoooraaaaaaah!!!

Fair and gentle reader, I write to you in the few minutes before the commencement of the new series of Misfits on E4 (squeal of delight).

At present I am sitting in front of the TV, laptop at hand and some french knitting beside me, ready and waiting to reabsorb myself into the world of the superpowered asbo holders :).

I am having goose pimples!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

And Again...

Right. Well.

That went well.

I regret to inform you fair and gentle reader, that Chapter 4 of Gallow's Play will not be posted tonight, as among other things already mentioned, I was constructing this monstrosity for most of last weekend as well.

I was Cringer for my love's godlessdaughter's Halloween party, while he came as He-Man.  It took many hours of THIS-

-before it was finished.  We got to bed at about four in the morning and got five hours sleep.

So that was last weekend.  This week I have been suffering from some form of lurgy, which has made me very very lazy (BOO HISS!).

Which means I shall now try my very very bestest to do, stuffs. :)

Oh, and I'm also making Christmas presents this year, so that'll swallow some of my time as well.  Read that as a lot of my time.