Thursday, 4 November 2010

And Again...

Right. Well.

That went well.

I regret to inform you fair and gentle reader, that Chapter 4 of Gallow's Play will not be posted tonight, as among other things already mentioned, I was constructing this monstrosity for most of last weekend as well.

I was Cringer for my love's godlessdaughter's Halloween party, while he came as He-Man.  It took many hours of THIS-

-before it was finished.  We got to bed at about four in the morning and got five hours sleep.

So that was last weekend.  This week I have been suffering from some form of lurgy, which has made me very very lazy (BOO HISS!).

Which means I shall now try my very very bestest to do, stuffs. :)

Oh, and I'm also making Christmas presents this year, so that'll swallow some of my time as well.  Read that as a lot of my time.

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