Thursday, 9 December 2010

Decisions Decisions

I have three major magazine collections left.  Skin DeepSFX.  And Bizarre

I can't keep all three.  Its just too much paper sitting in boxes doing nothing, too much effort to move to a new abode if I'm never gonna read them again.

But which collection do I dump?  Which stack do I recycle?  At the moment I really can't decide.  All I know is I have to get rid of one, at least.

Skin Deep would make sense to keep as I want tattoos, and having a set of magazines on hand to inform me seems advisable.

SFX is my biggest collection I believe, and the one that would yield more space.  But I'd be sorry to see them go.

Bizarre is the one I think I'm most keen to hang on to, as its articles are very inspiring, and I can see myself going back to them again and again.

There are other magazine titles here and there, titles I probably won't have any hesitation in recycling.  But their total sum won't mount up to anything like my top three.

Damn, looks like my SFX collection is the one I can let go off.  Might have to discuss this with the boyfiend.

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