Thursday, 2 December 2010

Doctor Frendo Is In Da House!

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, is the annoying disorder I suffered through yesterday, which is characterised by episodes of 'spinning'.  I fell down on the bed three times as the room spun around me, a flurry of pink and yellow (my sister's bedspread/curtain and the walls). 

Positional vertigo is caused by changing the position of your head, even from side to side (which almost made me throw up last night).  Apparently it is caused by problems in the inner ear (encased in the hardest bone in the body by the way), where your sense of balance is controlled by calcium crystals called otoconia.  When these crystals are dislodged, so is your sense of balance.

Now, what makes it worse is the fact that your eyes go funny as well.  This is known as physiological or rotatory (torsional) nystagmus, when the eyes go through an involuntary twitching or beating motion.  My eyes were rolling in a 'smooth pursuit', followed by 'saccadic movement', trying to follow the movement I thought I was perceiving towards my left ear, and quickly flicking back to the right.  From what I have ascertained, this means that it was my left ear that was mostly affected.

Thankfully I didn't feel pre-syncopic (faint), or succumb to syncopy (fainting).

What caused the BPPV I am unsure of, its possible that some sort of viral infection whacked me for ten.  I have been feeling under the weather lately.

And that is all from Doctor Frendo for today, so stay safe and eat an apple ;)

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