Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Handmade Presents Part 2, And Wot I Been Up To

I have been trying all day to look for knitting looms/nancys/spools/etc, and found some plastic ones that are just too expensive for me at the moment.  So now I am looking for suitable materials to turn into knitting looms, found an interesting web page where the creator took a simple wooden table leg and turned it into a spool by chopping it down, drilling down through it and hammering some nails into the top.

Now my thinking is that I can probably gather similar materials from round the house and use Mother's man's tools to turn said materials into a loom or spool.  Which would probably be better as the plastic looms look a bit tacky and hard to hold as you knit.

Muddling on without one though, I've managed to make a few further items of knitted jewellery, the latest a cuff which I decorated with a few pretty buttons.  I'm not sure if its finished though.  Might need to add some more beads or something.  Very difficult wool to work with as well, I'll be glad when I've got rid of it all.  Pretty though.

Let's see, what else to post.....

Phoned in sick because of vertigo yesterday, slept til 5, so not remotely tired, dammit.

Watched that episode of Babylon 5 with the thinly veiled storyline about Jehovah's Witnesses.  There was a lot of talk about an egg, the Great Egg, yadda yadda.  Want scrambled eggs now.

Seems my NaBloPoMo is going well, only missed one day, yay me.  I think I might do this more often.

Realised I want to open an alternative shop near the commercial centre of Winchester.  Middle-class conservative Winchester.  I'll be chutney bombed by the WI.

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