Sunday, 5 December 2010

Handmade Presents Part 1

Ah, I have finally completed the first of my handmade Christmas presents.

The family decided that, to cut done on the hassle and expenditure of the season, we wouldn't buy presents, but make them instead.  Or give away things if one didn't have crafty fingers.

Now I was going to post some pictures but would not you know it or would not you not, the only camera in the house has a bloody flash of what looks like 5000 watts.  Completely washed all the colour out.  So I will just have to describe it.

What I did was French knit a beaded string of turquoise wool into a bracelet, sewed the two ends together and threaded the ends through a lovely button I had selected, and finished the ends with more beads and tied them off.  The beads were sort of purple and pearlescent.

I've also made a necklace to go with it.  Hopefully I can take some pictures tomorrow :)

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