Monday, 13 December 2010

Long Live The Talent Grinder

Do you know, fair and gentle reader, who the very first winner of X-Factor was?

According to Wikipedia, it was a man called Steve Brookstein, mentored by that vat of stinking slurry Simon Cowell.  Who dropped him because he didn't want to sing cover versions, but record his own material.

Hence the term 'vat of stinking slurry'.

Now I have heard of Shayne Ward, winner of the second series.  But has he achieved world chart domination?  Hardly.  According to Wikipedia, he has also been dropped by Simon Cowell's record company.

This is how it goes.  X-Factor exploits those with talent, it builds them up and we get to watch and call it entertainment.  And when it finishes, the winner is whisked off to a rollercoaster life that ends all too soon.

And yet they are envied.

So what will happen to Matt Cardle, who will have an album out by Christmas most likely?  What will happen when sales of his cds fall below Cowell's line of value?  He'll be dumped, in favour of the next X-Factor winner.

And every year, people will watch this conveyor belt shuffle more warbling meat popsicles across our television screens, to be consumed for our delectation and delight.

It'd be kinder to give them swords and have them fight it out gladiator style.

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  1. Now if it was gladiator fighting I'd watch that...