Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Stuff Of Life

Fair and gentle reader, tonight has seen me shredding, recycling and packing for the approaching move to the Dark Ford of the Chandlers.  Yes, that's right, I'm upping sticks and throwing in my lot with my man and his two pronged beard.

It has been arduous, and tasking.  

Now, I am a magpie in nature.  Well more accurately a recycler.  I have lots of bits and pieces of wrapping paper, knick knacks, fabric, jewellery, all collected and kept because I knew, I just knew that I could find a use for them.  Of course most pieces just end up thrown out of sight in boxes and stuffed into bags that were themselves acquirements and which once I had a tenuous reason to hold on to.

So today, I have been ruthless.  I have said 'Begone!' to the pretty wrapping paper from ten years ago.  'Adios!' to the gift bags of yesteryear.  The fabric, meh, a lot harder to let go of, but lets face it, you can do a lot more with fabric than with paper.  The knick knacks and assorted "found" objects, I am reluctant to throw in the bin, firstly because I worry that they will take an age to decompose, secondly, because I know most of them have a use, and thirdly, because once I do throw them away, I'll need them for something.  The Law of Sod really.

So my plan is this.  Put all the knick knacks and "found" objects in the one box, and aim to cut the contents down by at least half.  At least a third.  Perhaps.

And then find a use for each and every remaining wotsit or doohicky.

That'll be the day.

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