Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Aftermath

I regret to report, fair amd gentle reader, that I did not keep up with my December NaBloPoMo as intended.  Though it was Christmas.  And over the New Year I moved down to live in my boyfriend's house.

Yes you read that right, I am now a Chandler's Fordian!  Or maybe just a chandler, not sure which.  I shall have to consult the handbook they gave me upon my induction ceremony into country living (it has a whole chapter dedicated to roadkill, and quite a large paragraph on pheasents).

Currently I've been working on our respective DVD and CD collections, and was surprised to find that we didn't have many duplicates.  The geek staples we did each have a copy of, for example "Once More With Feeling", the musical episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly.  We did both have copies of mostly every Nightwish album ever put out, but Martin is going to keep his ones for the gym, so he can thrash and exercise at the same time, thus saving time and money by not going to the Dungeon so often, our almost local rock club (its in Southampton, which is only a fifteen/twenty minute train ride away.  We like to go to the Hobbit beforehand for special drinkies).

I've annexed the back bedroom for the glorious Empire of Nemmie, and intend to construct my study therein.  Already put up some lovely colourful curtains.  Hopefully I'll be back to writing more once things are more sorted and there is actually room to swing a hamster.

Not that I will be swinging a hamster, they have no tails to speak of from which to swing themselves.  Though that will be where Holly shall live.  Been wanting to get a few more compartments to add on to her habitat, for even though she is teeny hamster, it'd be nice for her to have some more room to run around in, and work those little legs.

I think that is all to report at the moment, so for those of you who did not see it on twitter:-

Look out Chandler's Ford, for soon I shall be, in ya howzez, kleenen ya baffrooomz.

Have an acceptable Wednesday.

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