Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Rant About Current Female Fronted Rock Bands

Fair and gentle reader, you find me today somewhat annoyed, perhaps unshockingly.

What has me in this tizzy I hear you ask? 

Well, I shall divulge.

For the past few days I have noticed a disturbing phenomenon.  A rise in female fronted bands, which in and of itself, is not what has me bubbling at the eyeballs.  It is the inanity of this new sister powered music that has me humphing.

They sing of nothing.  They sing without discernable emotion.  Plus, they're all pretty little things not long out of school, or still hanging round that institution's gates, as if record executives scour playgrounds like prospecters of the Old West, in search of golden vocals and a face they can market.

But what of the young all-male bands who are just as inane and emotionless I hear you cry?

All-male bands are the norm.  Go down to any rock club and I guarantee you will not see more than one woman on stage all evening, if that.

A sad fact is that women are more easily exploitable because of the fact of our sex.  Which is not to say that we should not front rock bands and own our sexuality, but that it should not define us as musicians, singers, and women.

It used to be a badge of honour, women in rock.  Our foremothers had fought bloody battle with the misogynists that kept an iron grip on the music industry, they had proved that women could be women and still make your ears bleed and your faces melt.

But now has come something I call the Paramore Problem.  Girls without bite, without claws or teeth or heart, at least none that I can see.

You may say that I am being hard on my sisters, that it is a good thing that there are more females in the rock industry.  And I say to that, yes, it should be a good thing that the rock industry has more females, boldy and bravely conquering territory once owned by dominating men, and telling their fellow sisters to do the same.  Except these 'girls' aren't.  Instead they release "friendly" music that does nothing to stimulate my body or mind.

I could say that that is down to age.  I am after all an old woman of 25, and these girls are perky pre-schoolers.  Why should they communicate to me when they can tell others their own age or younger of their inexperience and delusions about the big bad world?

Because thats just plain fucking lazy.  And ignorance is never a good thing to pass on.

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