Monday, 28 February 2011

A Sleepy Green Dragon

This is the birthday gift I prepared for the Llama God's godlessdaughter for her fourth birthday, and as she had selected pink as the new colour for her bedroom, with a cavalcade of fairies and dragons dancing through trees, I thought to paint her something in that vein.


Her mother emailed a picture she had taken of a blackboard someone had painted with leaves a fairy and a dragon, so I thought to come up with something similar, in my own fashion of course.  I do love how I've managed to paint that dragon, she just looks so peaceful with her little tongue sticking out and her eyes half closed, like one of my aunty's cats.

Quite pleased with how that one turned out :)

What I've Been Doing Recently

Well, worrying over money mostly, but I have been painting some picture frames as perhaps something to sell on Etsy.  I've finished three, and this is the first.

I've used acrylic paints and a gloss varnish on an Ikea RAM picture frame, and this is the result.  Quite pretty if I do say so myself.  Just posted it on Etsy, so here's the link to Abstract Picture Frame 1.  For only £4.50 you could own this very pretty frame :)

Or another like it...

Monday, 21 February 2011

Laura Linney Stars In My Dream

Brad Pitt had an idea for a show/movie/thing, and he wanted Laura Linney to play the lead role, being a woman who can change minor things at will, such as a cloud covering the sun.  But having done this a whole slew of events unfold, propelling Linney through reality after reality where she becomes that version of herself in that reality, showing her what happens when she plays around with the natural order of things.

Some of herselves are pretty fantastical.  One's a Transformer Fuzor, a unicorn thingy wotsit.  Seriously, there was this whole book about her various selves, pages featuring drawings of her as elementals, creatures, women and men dressed up in odd outfits, Neo-Elizabethan/Victorian dresses, and a mulitude of combinations.

In one reality giants are the dominant species and people are like their garden gnomes.

I love it when I can remember the good dreams.

And by the why Laura Linney, if you're reading this, I'm not quite mad and I love your work. :)