Monday, 11 April 2011

Ranting Through An Attack of The Hiccups

Fair and gentle reader, it has been some time since we last cavorted together upon these virtual meadows beneath the watchful eyes of Big Brother.  I have had much ado, fighting the grime monsters that plague my vacinity under the harsh stick and mouldy carrot of employment, meagre as it is.

But I visit you today on a matter of minor importance, to reveal what I have been up to these past weeks/months.

Well, fighting the long battle really.  I have been informed by my employer on more than one occasion, that my efforts are not as much as she expects.  She expects me to be Superwoman with a mop and bucket.

My beau and I have concurred that it is a fault of people whose talents run to middle management, that they strive to achieve the best results in very little time.  I am given a couple of hours at best to whip round a house, a spray and sponge in my hands, and am then informed that I have "missed this spot here" or "that spot there".

Well middle management, how can you NOT expect us to miss something, when we are constantly reminded to go faster and faster, and do better at the same time?  When robots become mass produced tools of efficiancy, then they will be pleased, but until that time, apologies, but we are merely human. 

And we are all you've got.

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