Friday, 17 June 2011

Who Needs Cheering Up?!!!

Aha, fair and gentle reader, there you are!  I feared that the sofa goblins had made off with you all.

So how are we on this most miserable of Fridays?  It does rather seem that the gods have made off with our summer doesn't it.

But here, something to lift spirits by Jupiter's cock, as apparently the ancient HBomans used to say.


  1. Should that not be "Lift spirits, by Jupiter's cock"? Because otherwise the implication is that the member itself is being employed as a fulcrum, and whilst it's presumably possible for Jupiter's phallus to be used in such a way - assuming sufficient engorgement, obviously - one would assume the Lord of Olympus would consider it beneath him, unless of course he...

    Wait. I mean: daaaaaaaaaw! So cute!

  2. Ah, so much thought ensues, all for want of a comma :)