Monday, 14 November 2011

New Look!

The red Victorian wallpaper wasn't working for me anymore.  It was getting too "A Study In Scarlet" for me.

I like autumnal colours though, so I decided to keep that kind of colour scheme, just go lighter!

Have some puppies.

Disclaimer: Not my puppies.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oxfam Is Cool

I love working/volunteering at Oxfam.  Yes it's not a paying job, but there are books galore, and I get to read while I'm on the till!  And I can take a break whenever I want, and drink hot chocolate, which is yummy and my version of crack cocaine, especially if served with a plethora of mini marshmellows.

And people are nice, which is more important.  My manager isn't all, "Targets!  Targets!  MUST MEET OUR TARGETS!  WORK HARDER OR I WILL STRIKE YOU WITH WHIPPETS!"  She is a lovely relaxed lady, quite impressed with my knowledge of sci-fi as pertaining to books and old action figures.  I ACTUALLY HELD AN ORIGINAL PLANET OF THE APES GORILLA SOLDIER!

And yesterday at Oxfam I was indescribably incandescent with pleasure when I saw what had been donated recently.  MINT CONDITION IRON MAIDEN VINYL RECORDS!  LIKE, TEN OF THEM!  Man I wish I had the dough....

I'm working there tomorrow, and can safely say its the first job I have really enjoyed.  Just wish I got paid, and all would be perfection.