Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gay Is Okay Dammit!

Having just read this unbelievable piece on Pink News, I feel there are some points I would like to address.

My mother is Catholic, and was married in a Catholic church.  I was raised Catholic.  I was baptised, and spent my early years going to church every Sunday with my mother, my aunts and my grandparents.  Later I received my First Holy Communion, served at the altar, and Confirmed my faith at 16. 

I was also raised around gay people.  My mother was and still is an active member of several amateur dramatic societies, which included a fair number of gay men who were all treated with love and respect by my mother, and the other heterosexual members of the groups she belonged to.

One of my aunts is gay.  My partner and I have gay friends. 

Not once while growing up was I told that it was wrong to be gay.  I was never told it was unnatural, a sin against God.  My Catholic mother taught me, by how she interacted with homosexual people, that it was okay to be gay.

And then I went to a Catholic Secondary School.  And you would not believe the hate and violence that choked up its rooms and corridors, the sick games, the bullying and intimidation, the gang crime, and the affairs that teachers had with their students.  All under a Catholic roof.

So, fair and gentle reader, you may not find it so unbelievable that a Catholic school has more hate to preach, that it uses its pupils as soldiers in the fight against "sin".

In this day and age, I find it unbelievable.  And absurd.

I find it absurd that people refuse to listen to fact.  Pope Benedict, listen up.

Homosexuality is natural.  Same sex relationships have been observed in other species apart from humans, so clearly, it is present in nature.  Which is what is meant by natural. 

And what is unnatural?  What is not present in nature.  Celibacy for one.  Paedophilia for another.

I find it horrendous that the leaders of this bloated evil church condemn homosexuality, yet allow paedophile priests to roam freely, all the while hushing it up beneath their robes of office. 

And I find it disgusting that a message of hate is being preached by a religion founded on love and tolerance.  At least that is what I was brought up to believe.  That we are all loved regardless of what we do, who we are, and who we love.

When a group of people is chastised for being different, is that morally right?  No, but from what I have learned throughout my years, the Catholic Church has been less about morality, equality and love, then about power and corruption. 

"Because the Bible says," is not a valid argument for Christianity to use.  It is just a book, written hundreds of years ago and severely outdated.  It advocates slavery and sexism, and those are morally repugnant because they restrict the rights of a certain group of people based on an arbitrary difference.

And when you use children, when you teach them to hate, to fear and to refuse another their basic human rights, based on something about them that you don't like, then you are evil, and must be stopped.

I am glad that my mother is a tolerant and loving Catholic, and that for my early life she raised me as such.  Never in a million years would I want to say to someone "You can't have what I have because you're different".

That is so unCatholic. 

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