Sunday, 2 September 2012


So right now I'm trying to design an ambigram tattoo.

"What's an ambigram??"  I hear you squeak.

Well, an ambigram is a word that you can read the same way upside down as right way round (perhaps).

Like thisun which appears in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.  But we shall speak no more of that.  Instead, I shall tell you about my tattoo idea.

So I wanted to get the word Fearless as a tattoo.  But me being me, as you, fair and gentle reader can no doubt envisage, I wanted it to be something more than just a simple word.  So I decided that it should be an ambigram.

And here the real thinking starts.  Because to design a good ambigram can be a difficult task.

After looking around the web, I discovered thanks to Ambigram Magazine (yes, it takes all kinds), a handy litte trick to use when trying to design ambigrams.  Which was to draw multiple straight lines, equally spaced apart, and then to fill in the the upper parts of letters, flip them round, and do the same on the bottom.  Suffice it to say it took me a while before I came up with this.

Yes, its very rough.  But it works!  Yay!

And tonight, I've been working on the F/E and doodling.

Yes they don't have the S parts yet, but my pad is only A4 size and I don't have any sticky tape :p

Don't know when I'll finish it/be happy with it, but when I do, all donations to have it etched on my skin would be gratefully received! ;D

PS All donations towards a camera/scanner would also be gratefully received, and I shall also give you a big wet kiss.

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