Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Small Bit Of News

Ah, hello there fair and gentle reader.  Its been a while hasn't it.

I am performing at the moment, in my theatre group's production of We Found Love And An Exquisite Set Of Porcelain Figurines Aboard The SS Farndale Avenue.  Yes that's really what its called, and after an INTENSIVE rehearsal period, our first night in front of a live audience comes round tomorrow. 

I know my lines, I've stock-piled Pepsi Max and chocolate, and I am ready to roll.

It is also nearly November, and as some will know, the month of writing dangerously.  Yes, it is almost Nanowrimo time, and I will be taking part again this year.  And perhaps this will be the year I reach that pesky 50 thousand word goal which keeps eluding me.  I shall (possibly) keep you updated.

I also have the date set for my first tattoo!  I am very excited, even though it isn't until December.  But still, only a month away, I can wait.  And then everyone can marvel at my geekery, as the tattoo will be the four elements tattoo from The Fifth Element that Leeloo has on her wrist.  I originally wanted dots, but the tattoo artist wasn't convinced, so I've settled for lines, lines, wavy lines.